Red Bob-omb World of Nintendo Figure Review

In his latest review, Kuribo checks out the Red-Bob omb from the World of Nintendo line. Find out why Mario fans should check this figure out!

I have to admit, I initially passed up the Red Bob-omb at my local Meijer because I have the regular Bob-omb and am happy with it.  But on a recent toy hunt, I realized that I had made a mistake and there is something special about this figure to make it stand out.  What makes it unique?  You’ll have to read on to find out!

Red Bob-omb World of Nintendo 2.5" Inch Figure Box FrontBox – As with every review, here is quick look at the box and the contents of this wave if you haven’t seen them yet.

Baby Blue Yoshi World of Nintendo 2.5" Figure Box BackArticulation – Before opening this figure, I had a pretty good feeling I knew what the articulation was going to be.  If anything was going to be able to move, it was the crank on the back of the Bob-omb.  Anything in addition to that would be a nice surprise.  It turns out that I was correct.  The crank will…

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