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Splatoon 2 has been out now for over a month and those behind it have decided, the game’s loyal fans deserve a whole lot more content!


So for anyone who was hoping a new stage might drop this week, be ready to double over as we’re going to get 2 instead. 1 is the Manta Maria, a stage which comes out this Saturday that takes place on sailing boat, which can be encountered in Turf Wars and Ranked Battles, whereas the other stage is the Lost Outpost and it is a Salmon Run stage.


Only players won’t have to wait as long for that one, as the Lost Outpost is said to become available on Wednesday, just as soon as players download the latest update for Splatoon 2, which launches tomorrow for Europe and Japan, but could come to the likes of North America tonight!


Only these things weren’t the only things Splatoon 2 Producer, Hisashi Nogami had to talk about as there is also a new Special weapon being added next month, named the Bubble Blower and now we’re going to give you the option of watching the video in which this news steams from, or skip in in favour of checking out the transcript we complied, for both stages, weapon and release dates for all. The choice is yours:

Manta Maria (Turf War/Ranked Battle Stage) – Launches the 26th of August:

First off, I’d like to introduce this new battle stage called Manta Maria.

You’ll be able to play some intense Turf Wars and Ranked Battles on this sailing boat.

The key point of this stage will be the offensive and defensive battle around the three huge masts and the area covered in netting.

The Manta Maria will be released on Saturday 26th August.


Bubble Blower (Special Weapon) – Launches the 2nd of August:

The second new addition is a new special weapon, the Bubble Blower.

The Bubble Blower can fire up to 3 big bubbles. The bubbles will explode if you douse them in your team’s ink.

You can take down your opponents by catching them in the explosion.

The bubbles will disappear if your opponents shoot them long enough, but you can use the bubbles to protect yourself from attack.

The first weapon set to feature the Bubble Blower is the Forge Splattershot Pro, which will be available from Saturday 2nd September.


Lost Outpost (Salmon Run Stage) – Launches the 23rd of August:

The third piece of new content is a new Salmon Run stage: Lost Outpost.

This area used to be inhabited but it was abandoned due to rising sea levels. What’s left of it now makes the perfect spot for some Salmon Run action. The walls will block your view, so teamwork is very important here.

Send plenty of signals to your teammates like “This Way!”

The Lost Outpost will become playable in local multiplayer once you apply the update data released on Wednesday 23rd August.

The stage will appear in online Salmon Run events after this date as well.


Should there be any more to tomorrow’s update, just as soon as the patch notes become available, we will be sure to pass them on!


Until then, Stay Fresh!


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