Get Ready to have your Candy Crushed! Candy-themed Lola Pop is ARMS’ Newest Contender

August 22, 2017 8:20 am Published by 1 Comment

Warning! If you have a sweet tooth, you’re going to want to avoid this article as the “spoilers” may give you a cavity!


Over the last couple weeks, a new fighter has been teased for ARMS on Twitter and now we can actually put both a name and a face to that fighter, but just because she looks as sweet as her name sounds, by no means is she a fighter we should underestimate.


Unfortunately though, name appearance and the fact she will come to ARMS with her own set of ARMS, and a candy laden stage, we have no other information to go on at this time, but just as soon as a date for the update that brings her to our arms (pun intended,) is shared, we’ll be back to pass on the good word! So until then, here’s Lola Pop in action:

Source: @NintendoEurope (Twitter)

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