Monolith Soft are Expanding their Team for a New Ambitious Project

While work on Xenoblade 2 for Nintendo Switch continues, the devs behind are turning their attention to another work.


Very little has been said as to what this other game would entail but it will be an ambitious project and according to their newly updated website, these are the positions they are hoping to fill for the Tokyo Studio:



  • Character modeller
  • Map modeller
  • In-game animator
  • Technical artist
  • Main character designer
  • Concept art designer



  • Character control programmer (for action parts)
  • System and framework programmer



  • Planner (for action parts)


Management Support:

  • Project Manager


It is not clear if the game will be for a Nintendo platform, but we can only hope as Monolith Soft was recently involved in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and with a recently revealed interest in doing an online games with a medieval/fantasy setting, the devs could be out to make a Zelda-like adventure of their own!  Whatever happens though, just as soon as more news arrives, we’ll be sure to write about it.





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