Splatoon 2 Review

Even if it is easy to see why Splatoon 2 hit stores when it did, as it has the right ingredients to give the Switch the initial push new systems certainly need, the two-year gap separating it from its prequel puts the game in a rather tight position. While most Nintendo franchises, including those that are built for multiplayer action, have at least four years between installments (a comfortable enough span that allows for plenty of new ideas to be born, mature, and fall from the tree ripe to be eaten) Splatoon 2 had to make do with a much shorter interval. And therein lies the game’s biggest obstacle.


While it does not have quite enough to define its own traits, and even though it inherits all of the negative quirks of its predecessor, Splatoon 2 is irresistable

splatoon2Regardless of the internal expectations Nintendo held in relation to Splatoon, one thing is almost certain: not even its most optimistic employees could have accurately predicted how big the new property would turn out to be. Splatoon was, by all means, a rarity: in a world of sequels and established sagas, it was able to – with a single release – blast its way to the upper echelons of videogame franchises, cementing its position as one of the strongest assets attached to Nintendo’s seemingly interminable belt of characters and series. Its positive critical reception as well as its strong sales across the globe, despite the fact it found its home inside a platform that was struggling commercially, meant that a sequel…

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