Vector Unit aims to Bring Beach Buggy Racing to Nintendo Switch in August

In life, nothing is perfect and neither is the Nintendo Switch’s eShop as it has often got some release dates wrong and the latest game to get such treatment is Beach Buggy  Racing!


Following yesterday’s reveal of the European Switch eShop listing the game for a July 27th release, developer Vector Unit has since weighed in to say the July release isn’t happening as there is no firm release date just yet, but they are aiming to bring it to Switch next month and I for one can’t wait. Beach Buggy Racing is an insane racing title and if you have never heard of it before, than you owe it to yourself to watch the shared video below, because once you do, there is no way you can not purchase this upcoming indie title for your Switch:

Just as soon as we have more Beach Buggy Racing news to share, you can most definitely expect to find it here at!



Source: @vectorunit (Twitter)


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