Mushroom Kingdom Castle World of Nintendo Playset Now Available!

Kuribo shares news of Princess Peach’s Castle coming to World of Nintendo. Everything from the size to the price is epic with this new Mario playset!

While it had been rumored on World of Nintendo Reddit, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if this product would really get released.  Thanks to the sharp eyes of Reddit user, Kittykat-4, we know that Toys R Us is now selling the playset officially.  If you’d like to purchase it, use the following link to visit Toys R Us’s website!  This is the largest and the most expensive thing ever created in World of Nintendo (outside of the large scale figures I suppose but those are a bit different than this too).  Jakks Pacific have dabbled in playsets before with Micro Land which I loved but must not have been a financial success because they discontinued the playsets before they hit their stride.

Mushroom Kingdom Castle Playset World of NintendoMushroom Kingdom Castle Playset World of Nintendo Box

While the pictures of this set are not high quality currently, you can see what you get for $40.  A large castle is certainly…

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