Physical Release of Cave Story+ for Europe is not “Set in Stone”

I hope you’re ready for some slightly confusing Cave Story+ news, because we’ve got some to share!

Having already released last month in North America in both physical and digital form, Cave Story+ is already being enjoyed by many and while those of us in Europe have been left waiting for a European release to occur, if a listing in the eShop is to be believed, Cave Story+ releases on the 20th of July.


But why is this confusing? Well let me explain, it’s because there has been no news of a physical release happening this month, so either a digital release is happening in advance of a physical release, or the listing is in fact false. Well, being as though Nicalis are credited for the European listing of Cave Story+ and Headup Games are handling the physical release, we sent an email to both and while Nicalis have yet to reply, it does seem as though separate releases are planned.


Headup Games can’t confirm the EU release date as they have nothing to do with the game. In fact they don’t even have anything to do with the physical release as there is nothing set in stone at this time. (If you are after a direct  and lengthy quote, we won’t be sharing one today, but “nothing is set in stone” is one of the things that was said.)


Just as soon as we hear from Nicalis, we’ll be sure to prove a follow-up to whatever it is we learn. Until then, keep on gaming!


Source: Headup Games PR



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