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Today’s Rain Games news might not be a release date for the Wii U release of World to the West, but it is just as good!


Straight from Rain Games themselves, they are now working on a third yet standalone instalment for the Teslagrad/World to the West universe they created and the announcement in question can be seen right here:

Only let’s not make this out to be like it’s the first time Rain Games has expressed a desire to make another game set in the universe they created, as Rain Game’s Ole Ivar Rudi admitted the very same to us when we interviewed him back in September last year and we’ve got that both the question and answer right here:

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“Being so World to the West is set in the same world as Teslagrad, does this mean you’re now committed to this location and that you plan to do another game also set in this little world you’ve created?”

Ole Ivar Rudi: “We decided early on that our games would take place in a shared universe- it’s a big world though, so they don’t necessarily have to be bound to the same time and place. Teslagrad took place in a generally Eastern Europe-type corner of our world, While World to the West takes place (like it says on the tin) on an exotic continent to the west, several years later. Folks are firing rockets at the moon during the events of WttW, so who knows, we might even go into space eventually!”


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It is however great news nonetheless as both Teslagrad and World to the West are very good games and fingers crossed, a Wii U release date will be announced some time soon!


Source: Rain Games (Facebook)


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