Good news everyone! The new Splatfest demo is available now for all regions and if you’re wondering if it’s worth downloading, it actually is!


Requiring a hefty 1.4 GB of your storage space, the sizeable demo has quite a bit for players to see as do, which includes choosing and designing your Inkling. Not only can you decide the sex you want for them, but you can change their skin colour (7 options available). Change their eye colour (14 options available) but you can also choose your preferred hair style and what kind of legwear you wish to wear.


Once you have designed your character in the way you like best, you can proceed with the experience and if you don’t like what you’ve done, you can always change it later on in-demo. Afterwards you’ll be out through your paces as you must pass Splatoon 2’s version of Basic Training and once you’ve made the grade, it’s time to head to the Inkopolis Plaza.


Upon arrival, Off the Hook’s Marina and Pearl will greet you via a live broadcast to talk about the upcoming Splatfest. Neither one of them may be the Callie and Marie fans know and love, but they sure do act like them when it comes to defending their chosen team for Splatfest (just a shame their catchphrase is worse than the Squid Sisters “Stay Fresh!”)


 Once the broadcast is over the, the demo then opens itself up to you in a limited way. Yes you can access the pause screen menu, change gear, see a full list of abilities, or just go visit the shops and not be able to buy anything, but until the Splatfest begins on the 15th of July, there really isn’t all that much you can do. Sure you can choose your team (Cake or Ice cream for North America and Europe), and even change gender like the Time Lord called the Master and access the postbox to do a special drawing for Splatfest, but that’s pretty much all there is, for now.


But then we are just 2 weeks away from Splatoon 2’s actual release so what does it matter? For now it is more than enough and if you would like to try before you buy, or watch before you download, maybe this video will help you decide whether or not to get the demo:

Until next time, Don’t get cooked… Stay off the Hook! (Yeah that is so not the same!)


Source: NinEverything (YouTube)


By Jack Longman

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