League of Evil Could be Seeing its Nintendo Switch Release This July!

It’s been a while since we had some League of Evil news, so here’s us on hand to provide a quick update!


Having spoken once again with Ratalaika Games, the developer has revealed that like I and Me, League of Evil will also be coming to Nintendo Switch in July. Except unlike I and Me, which Ratalaika Games still hope to release in the first week of July, League of Evil for Switch will release nearer to the end of the month. (At this moment in time, I and Me is still undergoing QA so there’s nothing to be reported on there.)


Additionally the Switch version of League of Evil is undergoing QA, whereas the 3DS version isn’t as far along in development as the Switch version, so it will release later on. There is however a new video out of the Switch game that you can see in action right here:

And if you liked all of the above, you might just like what we’ll be revealing later on this week as well. It is after all very Switch focused!


Until next time, keep on gaming!



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