Ice Kirby Nendoroid Unveiled and Preorders Up!

Check out the latest info on the next Kirby Nendoroid coming out from Nintendo and Good Smile Company. Buckle up because your screen is about to be overloaded by cuteness!

After reviewing and loving the regular Kirby Nendoroid and calling it my favorite Nendoroid I own, it is safe to assume I’ve been hotly anticipating the Ice version!  Good Smile recently unveiled more pictures of the figure and unsurprisingly it looks cute and comes with tons of accessories just like you would expect.  While I won’t share every single picture revealed, I tried to pick out the most exciting for this article.

Ice Kirby Nendoroid SlidingIce Kirby Nendoroid Using Power

First up, we have a look at the Ice Effects Kirby comes with.  Surprisingly, we not only get the standard Ice Attack but also something to show Kirby skating on ice just like he does in the game.  This is the kind of attention to detail I love to see with Nendoroids.

Ice Kirby Nendoroid Spitting Out Star

The next accessory you can use with either Kirby and is a really nice addition to any Kirby figure collection.  Being able to show Kirby “spitting”…

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