ARMS (Switch) Review

Hi everyone! Mr. Panda here, with a review of ARMS for the Nintendo Switch! Nintendo takes on the 3D fighting genre with a new game where you use motion controls to punch others with stretchy limbs. I’m really excited about this one because it’s Nintendo’s first original series in a while! Is this Nintendo’s next hit? Find out my thoughts in my review!

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Nintendo’s Next Hit?

The 3D fighting game ARMS marks Nintendo’s first new major property since the team-based third-person shooter Splatoon. Both games serve as examples of genres that the Big N hasn’t dabbled with much until now. In ARMS’ case, Nintendo has given nearly a dozen colorful fighters stretchy arms. Though this sounds like a gimmicky callback to old “Stretch Armstrong” toys, a large slice of strategy and a helping of the company’s trademark charm go a long way in breathing vigor into this novel arena fighter.

Here is the Video Version for your viewing pleasure!

As in most fighting games, the most basic fight structure pits you against another pugilist in a 3D arena. A jab of either fist sends your respective stretchy arm flying towards your opponent. You can fight using one arm at a time or fire a quick one-two punch. Stretching both arms at the same…

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