Jakks Pacific Teases New Iggy Koopa Figure on Reddit!

Kuribo shares some surprising news coming from Jakks Pacific. A new figure has been teased and it is one Mario fans will want to see!


If you’re anything like me, you’re hotly anticipating new World of Nintendo figures and especially the new characters coming out like the Koopalings. Today, an employee of Jakks Pacific, Reddit user BlueShellBourgeoisie, revealed a couple of new images of the upcoming 4″ figure for Iggy and they look great!  The articulation looks pretty similar from what we have seen from other Mario figures (which is a good thing overall) and it is nice to see that Iggy comes with his staff as well.  I hope we see the release of all the Koopalings in the coming years but in the meantime, this figure looks like an exciting release!

Iggy World of Nintendo 4 Inch Figure 2Iggy World of Nintendo 4 Inch Figure

If you’d like to see additional pictures on Instagram, check out this link.  Maybe the best nugget in the Jakks Pacific employee’s Reddit post is that more figure news is coming at the San Diego Comic Con so be sure…

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