Booty Diver Review Revisit

Written by Mr. Panda

Xavier Orion Games’ recently updated its Wii U title Booty Diver, a scuba diving arcade-like experience, so I dove in once more into the briny deep. In my last review, one of the big issues was a game-breaking glitch that crashed the system, forcing me to start the entire 25-level campaign over. Level 21 was the biggest offender, crashing multiple times for me. Some prior levels also suffered from massive slowdown.


Following the update, I played through Level 21 and the subsequent levels multiple times, and there were no longer major crashes in any of them. Additionally, the game overall ran more smoothly. While there was still a tiny bit of slowdown in the later enemy-heavy levels, the experience was more manageable than before. Although my opinion hasn’t changed from my initial review, at least Booty Diver’s endgame is now functional, allowing skilled treasure hunters to reliably finish the game.

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