Expensive World of Nintendo Figures – 2017 Edition

Want to know what the rarest and most expensive World of Nintendo figures are currently? Kuribo shares the current results for 2017 in his latest article!


World of Nintendo figures can be a pain to find and whenever it is hard to find something, that means the price can go up.  There are a few figures in particular that are really hard to find and have become valuable.  One of the goals of this site has been to bring new people into the hobby and to empower those who already collect.  With that in mind, I thought I would write a short guide on which figures are expensive in World of Nintendo currently.  If you’d like to see what World of Nintendo Figures were expensive in 2016, check out the guide I wrote last year.  The figures are in no particular order since all of these are rare to varying degrees.  You might notice that almost all of the expensive figures are exclusive to one retailer or another as well.  That seems to be a…

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