Mario Party 2 Review

Even though it carries all of its predecessor’s shortcomings (namely, a single-player experience that is awfully dull; a bland soundtrack; unimpressive graphics; and an always looming luck factor), Mario Party 2 is a far better game due to all the features it adds and a collection of mini-games that is vaster and more solid. Mario Party will always stand as the franchise’s true ground zero, but thanks to all elements it introduces – pieces that are still key components of the series many years later – Mario Party 2’s fuller overall experience feels like the true beginning of a lot of what was to come.


Mario Party 2 is a game that gives players way more tools to mess with their dearest friends than its predecessor did, something that will inevitably work, at some point, both for and against all players regardless of their level of expertise

mario_party21Given the original Mario Party was, for the gaming world, one remarkable first, the primary instance in which a video game was capable to capture the joy of board games; its sequel, released one year later, had it easy. Mario Party 2 did not have to reinvent the wheel: all it had to do was pick up the formula forged by its predecessor and build upon it, implementing ideas that were originally left on the cutting floor due to a lack of time and resources, and coming up with ways to improve the partying experience based on external feedback. And that is what it did, for Mario Party…

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