Is World of Nintendo Overstocked Right Now?

Kuribo has noticed a surplus of World of Nintendo figures lately. Find out what is going on and what you can to help fix the problem in this new article!

Have you been in a Toys R Us or Target looking for World of Nintendo recently?  Chances are, you saw something like in the picture below.  A nice big and awesome looking display of World of Nintendo.  Most Targets and Toys R Us actually have stocked older waves and not the most recent two which collectors want.  These new and improved displays started a couple of months ago and when I first saw them, I thought it was great but now that time has passed and most of these displays have the same figures sitting there and are starting to be placed on clearance, I have to wonder: did Jakks Pacific and retailers overproduce these figures?

World of Nintendo at Toys R U Image courtesy of: SplatendoUniverse on:

First off, let me say that having World of Nintendo figures easily available has been rare.  There have always been certain figures that have been hard (even impossibly…

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