K.K. Slider World of Nintendo 2.5″ Figure Review

Interested in a poseable K.K. Slider figure? Kuribo shares his thoughts and lets you know if this figure is worth hunting down or not!


There have been a real lack of reviews on the site lately but it hasn’t been through lack of effort on my part!  I just haven’t seen many new figures to review at any of the stores I visit and so when I saw K.K. Slider sitting on the shelves at my local Target, I thought, why not review it?  The Villager figure I reviewed a while back is probably one of the worst I have reviewed so I was really hoping K.K. Slider is at least a decent one to make World of Nintendo and Animal Crossing fans happy.  So without further ado, let’s see how this figure stacks up!

K.K. Slider World of NIntendo 2.5" Inch BoxArticulation – The first pleasant surprise with this figure is that it has pretty decent articulation!  K.K. can rotate his head and left both arms.  For a 2.5″ inch figure, this is average to above average and gives…

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