Getting ample coverage by Famitsu this week is Sonic Forces and the information that has been revealed, is nothing to turn one’s nose at, so here’s a run through of what was revealed:


  • Sonic Forces is Directed by Morio Kishimoto and has been in development since 2013.
  • Iizuka has confirmed Sonic Forces will be at E3 2017.
  • Sonic Forces is being made on the all new Hedgehog Engine 2 (this is something that has been previously revealed), however due to the light reflections and refractions that can be “visualized by the engine’s physical based rendering, which improves character textures and representation of backgrounds.” Or to put it simply, the game is going to appear so lifelike that Sonic himself will appear as if he’s actually existing in the world around him.
  • The boost system seen in Sonic Unleasehed will become the key in clearing time trials and stages. However when playing as classic Sonic, the world and gameplay will revert to side-scrolling 2D action gamers have come to know and love in the past.
  • Sonic Forces is a “stage clearing-type action game” that sees Sonic running around a 3D world with not just his own speed to rely on as there are also springs and dash panels as well littered about. There will also be enemies who will put themselves in Sonic’s path that can be destroyed by attacks such as Homing Attack and Boost.
  • As for the story, Eggman has acquired a new power and has been able to conquer 99% of the world, but Modern Sonic and his fellow Resistance Fighters stand poised to reclaim the workd and end the Eggman’s Rue.
  • As well as Modern Sonic, Sonic Forces also features Classic Sonic, who has a different style to Modern Sonic and there is a third Sonic with yet another style of his own, but he is not the Sonic from Sonic Boom/


For more Sonic Boom news, we’ll just have to wait and see what comes next, but with E3 just mere months away, there’s a good chance we’ll get a huge Sonic Forces news drop then.


Source: Nintendo Everything

By Jack Longman

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