Just like a new blog post by Choice Provisions says, Hero Quests is something that has been mentioned quite a few times for Runner3, but just in case fans haven’t been paying much attention to the devlog, than there’s a good chance this is your first time hearing about such a thing. But don’t worry. We want you guys to be as informed as possible so here is essentially everything you need to know about Hero Quests at this moment in time:



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The Hero Quests of Runner3

April 30, 2017



Hey, everyone!

If you’re a regular reader of the devlog, chances are you’ve heard us mention “Hero Quests” on a few occasions. Although you probably have a pretty good idea by now of what that means, I thought it might be worthwhile to break it down a bit more for you!

Just like its predecessors, Runner3 is going to be a fast-paced romp through a whimsical world. This is something we never want to disrupt or get in the way of. As such, Hero Quests are a wholly optional element of the game, and they’ll never appear on the “main” path of any level. Of course, we highly suggest doing these quests, but the choice is entirely yours.

When you approach a quest giver in the game, a conversation will trigger. You’ll be assigned a quest—such as gathering ingredients to make a stargazy pie—and be sent on your merry way. Should you choose to complete this quest, you’ll be rewarded generously. We could just flat-out tell you what the rewards will be, but it feels more fun to leave it a mystery. It’s no fun if we tell you everything.

Now that I’ve talked your ear off, let’s pretend you didn’t just skip all the text in this post (this sentence included) and jump straight to the photo below. Feast your eyes on Sir Strömming, one of the quest givers in Runner3:


Doesn’t he look like a total sweetie? We’re absolutely smitten over here.

Until next time!


– Dant



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The choice is yours!



            Source: runner3.game/devlog/

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