Nintendo Switch is Square Enix’s Priority Platform for 2017

Time and time again Square Enix has sung nothing but praises for the Nintendo Switch, and will their support for the Wii U was rather meagre, a different tale is being said as far as the Switch is concerned.


During an interview with Nikkei, Yosuke Matsuda, the CEO of Square Enix has stated that while the likes of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio and Windows 10 Game Mode are being released this year, as well as the Switch, which has already released, it is in fact the Nintendo Switch that Square Enix will be focusing on the most and that’s not all. He has also expressly said that Square Enix is currently thinking which games of theirs they’ve already released that they would like to “successfully” port to the Switch.


While some would hope this means we can hope to see a Final Fantasy game or two make its way to Switch, I’m personally hoping for a Bravely Default or even a Bravely Second port. The Bravely games are exceptionally good and would be perfect on the new Nintendo platform.


But that’s enough out of me, what game/games would you like to see Square Enic port? Let us know!



Source: Nikkei


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