Nintendo Switch Almost Completely Sells out in Spain

Sorry PlayStation 4, but you are no longer Spain’s best-selling console in a three day period!


Coming straight from Vandal, the Nintendo Switch is reported as having sold 45,000 units during the launch weekend (8,000 more than the PlayStation 4 did) and given as how there was only around 50,000 shipped to Spain, it means close to every single Switch until sold out.

Granted 45,000 is nothing compared to the UK’s 80,000 given as how Spain is a much larger country than England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland combined, but it is even less of a Nintendo nation than the entire United Kingdom combined, so the fact is “sold out” at those numbers is impressive!


Fortunately I was able to get mine online, but if you, like some of the Miketendo64 staff are Spain based and unable to get one online or from retailers, you might have to look abroad because while more Switch units will be shipped to Spain, it could be a few weeks yet.


Source: Vandal


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