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If you have been following our website during the last 7 days, then you’ll be well aware that this week we’ve been hosting #SwitchWeek and today is the day it comes to an end, so we felt it was best if we made a little announcement.


Firstly I want to begin by saying “Thank you” to all of our fans, our supporters and our new supporters, as you have really helped to take the Miketend64 name to new heights and break a 300,000 views milestone. The last two months have been incredible for us, so we’re delighted that changing the Miketendo64 look, upping our game with regards to content, and bringing back Theme Week has gone down well with our beloved audience. So well in fact that this week has been the most popular Theme Week ever and we have you guys to thank for it, so because of that, instead of ending it tonight, #SwitchWeek will continue and will run until the day’s end on the 12th of March.


But you can’t have a #SwitchWeek without some special exclusive content to call its own, so we planning on sharing more Switch related interviews, starting with our localising Disagaea 5 Complete interview, which you can expect to be posted on Tuesday, unless of course we get authorization to post our Super Bomberman R interview, in which case that will be posted on Tuesday instead. There will also be reviews, starting with my own personal Switch review regarding The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which will be posted on tomorrow (Monday the 6th) and then our FAST RMX review on Wednesday. As for Thursday, we’ll be sharing the review we didn’t post on Tuesday, and then hopefully, provided we get the responses in time, we’ll be sharing a SteamWorld Dig 2 and Flipping Death interview on the Friday and Saturday, and then possibly post a third Switch related review on Sunday, but that is up in the air at the minute.


Sure our plan for the week is not entirely set in stone, but it just means that whatever extra content we can add in to the mix, becomes both a surprise to ourselves as well as you, so please continue to join us as this #SwitchWeek ends and another immediately begins at Miketendo64!


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