As part of the rewards for completing the third Global Mission, a Friend Ball and Rare Candy is to be distributed to participating players, but not every player is eligible for the gift.

If you only traded between 1-4 Pokémon during the entire GTS themed mission, then I’m sorry but you will not be able to get a Serial Code for a Friend Ball or Rare Candy, as you needed to have traded more than 5 to be eligible. But for those of you who did trade 5 or more times, you can now log into the Pokémon Global Network and attain your deserved Serial Code that can be used for Pokémon Sun & Moon, but you only have until 23:59 p.m. UTC on the 30th of March. However players only needed to have traded once to get the 2,000/4,000 Festival Coins reward, which we’ve all got already.

Also just in case players feel as if they have been duped because they weren’t told about the 5 Pokémon needing to be traded minimum, the official Pokémon Global Link site posted this on the 10th of February:


Everyone who contributes to the “Trade Pokémon at the GTS!” global mission is guaranteed to earn 2,000 Festival Coins. Trainers who register a Game Sync ID at the Pokémon Global Link before the mission ends will earn double Festival Coins (4,000)! To receive your prize, speak with the global mission receptionist in the Festival Plaza castle where you signed up for the global mission after the mission ends on February 13, 2017, at 23:59 UTC.

Because the bonus goal of 2 million trades was also reached, all PGL members who traded at least five Pokémon will earn a Friend Ball and five Rare Candies! We are preparing these exclusive PGL prizes now, so check back soon for details on how to claim your reward.

Congratulations to everyone who participated! And remember that you are still eligible for prizes if you contribute to the global mission by February 13!


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It always pays to read the fine print.


By Jack Longman

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