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You can never know too much about an upcoming game, so in light of that it’s time to learn more about Splatoon 2!

Following an interview between Splatoon Producer Hisashi Nogami and 4Gamer, we have picked out the more noticeable highlights (which there are a LOT of) from Nintendo Everything’s interview translation, which you can see right here:


Splatoon 2 is a “Proper Sequel:”

“It’s a proper sequel to Splatoon, as you can see by the “2” in the name. We’re making a game that fans of the first can enjoy. I also want to give anyone who was interested in the first, but did not play it, a chance to jump into the fun. That way, it will truly be a proper sequel.”


Splatoon 2 Changes and Weapons:

“The gameplay fundamentals are still the same, of course, and the basic Turf War rules haven’t changed but the Special Weapons have all been given makeovers. I decided to have the weapons be gradually released as well, like before. We plan to have more weapons than the first game, with the available choices at the start being more numerous than the original. But I wanted players to once again enjoy the changes in the weapon trends as new ones are steadily introduced. The combinations of Main Weapons and Specials have been changed, and the Sub Weapons are also being revised, so I hope everyone who played the first will enjoy testing out all of the new combinations for themselves.”


Worldwide Matchmaking:

“We are. We’d like to have everyone around the world be able to play together, but the Splatfests will be unique to each region, as they were previously. Just like the first game, we’d like to have people from around the world be able to fight each other.”


Duallies (New weapon Category):

“Yes. The Dualies are a brand new weapon category, like the Shooters, Rollers and Chargers from the first game. The weapon we showed, the Splat Dualies, are their representative.”


Duallies (How they Work): 

“You have two reticles, which makes it easy to land hits. However, because the ink it fires is spread out, it will take longer to splat your foes compared to weapons that are more focused. So there are both advantages and disadvantages to it. Its coverage is about the same as the Shooter types.

The Dualies also have a rolling ability, which puts your character into a special stance afterwards. While you’re in this stance, the reticles combine into one, and your rapidfire capabilities also increase.”


The Reason why Splatoon 2 has Duallies in the first place:

“When we started working on Splatoon 2, I decided we had to come up with a weapon that worked differently from previous ones, and would make people say “I wanna try that!” when they see it. Twin pistols… gets the blood pumping, doesn’t it? (Laughs) So I came up with some ideas for how they would work, like that combining them would focus your attacks, and having the extra nozzles quickly roll you around twice.”


The Roller’s New Attack:

“The swipe is still horizontal while you’re on the ground, like the first game, but when you’re in the air, it now swings vertically. This vertical swipe’s specialty is its long range. We wanted to add to the Roller’s viability by giving it this new attack. They’re great at close combat, but very susceptible to long-range opponents. Now with the vertical swipe, they have one more option.”


Charge Keep:

“We’re calling this ability to maintain your charge the “Charge Keep” [note: subject to change in English]. If you turn into squid form while holding a full charge, you can maintain the charged state briefly while moving around. When you exit squid form, you’ll still have the charge ready. If you take too long, though, the charged state will end.”


Shooters characteristics are the Same as they were in Splatoon 1:

“There haven’t been any major changes made to how the Shooters work. Being general-purpose is their big draw after all, so we’re leaving those characteristics much the same as they were in the first game.”


The Curling Bomb:

“The Curling Bomb travels along the ground after you throw it, but if you look closely, there’s a meter on the upper part of it. Once you enter the throwing stance, the meter starts to decrease, so you can control when it will explode by choosing how long to hold before releasing it. It handles a bit differently from the other bombs.

It also bounces off of walls when it hits them, so the direction you throw it is important too, but you still have to manage the timer so that it explodes when it reaches the enemy. The bomb will knock enemies back if it hits them before exploding, but it won’t splat them.

It just knocks them back. But, since it bounces off walls, you can splat an enemy hiding behind obstacles with a well-timed throw. I think it will be used in different ways than the bombs we’ve had up until now.”


All Special Weapons from Splatoon 1 have been Redone:

“That is true. All of the special weapons from the previous game have been changed.

I wanted to reset the tactics used in the game as well. The most used weapons in the game are the Mains and Subs, so the fundamental strategies will be similar to the first game. However, Special Weapons can turn the tide of battle, so strategies revolved around them. Therefore, changing the Special Weapons will greatly shift players’ strategies. I mentioned earlier that I wanted everyone to enjoy the game from a fresh start once more. These changes are part of that.”



“Its shots burst, and inflict damage over a wide area around their impact point. You can use them like bombs to limit your enemies movements, or even take them out in one shot if you score a direct hit. There’s a delay after firing, so you won’t be able to fire the Inkjet’s attacks continuously. You should probably use it while you’re somewhere safe, away from danger.”



“It’s pretty flashy, isn’t it? But you have to think carefully about when to use it. You might be invincible during the attack, but you can still be splatted before that, even if you already activated it. By the way, you can even use it while doing a Super Jump, and splat any enemies nearby when you land. There’s a short delay after activating it, so if you use it too early they might evade it, and if you use it to close you might get taken down before it goes off. You need to find the right moment.”


Weapon Combinations are Locked, but will be revised: 

“Main Weapons, Sub Weapons and Special Weapons all come as a set, but since we’ve reworked the Special Weapons, we’ll be revising the combinations.”


Making Weapons Desirable to Use:

“The most important aspect we’re taking a look at is what makes the weapons desirable to use. Whether it’s cool, or feels good to use, things like those are what we’re focusing on the most. I think people will want to use the Duallies because they look strong, but it would also be fine if they chose it because they think rolling is cool, or that it will feel nice to use. Of course, we’re making sure we adjust things like their performance as well, but the emphasis is on their desirability.”


2 Years On:

“I wanted to make it feel connected to the real world, where two years have passed since the first game. I mentioned this when the first game came out, but the younger Inklings are obsessed with the trendy cutting-edge Turf Wars. There’s a whole culture surrounding it with the gear and everything. I wanted the changes in these fads to parallel the changes in the players over these two years, so we set the game two years later.”


Splatoon 1’s Protagonists will not be Returning:

“The previous playable Inklings would be around 16 now, so the new 14 year old Inklings will step up to the plate. The playable Inklings will still be around 14.”


Return of the Octarians:

“We’re planning on bringing back Hero Mode, and of course, there will be villains. However, this is still under heavy investigation by the squid researchers.”


Judd’s new Friend:

“We don’t know for sure if it’s Judd’s child yet, but since they judge matches along with him, they may be related. We may find the answers to this someday, too.”


Callie IS in Splatoon 2, she was just Busy doing Other Things during the Trailer:

“Callie will definitely appear as well. (Dry laugh) She was a little busy, so she didn’t show up in the video. I hope you look forward to finding out she was up to.”


Splatoon 2 Support all Types of Switch related Controllers:

“Yes, we’re making it possible to play the game using all available controllers. The Joy-Con are bundled with the system, so it’s possible to play only using them. But the standard for Splatoon 2 will be docking the Joy-Con inside the grip to play. There’s also the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. It’s sold separately, but it’s very nice to play with, so I’m thinking about recommending it to Splatoon 2 players. And of course, you can play it in portable mode as well.”


Super Jump:

“We’d like to have it work similar to the previous game, where you would have to look between the map on the GamePad screen and your character on the TV. We’re considering having players be able to press the X button to switch to a map screen, where they can then select a teammate to jump to, like before.

I think you would be able to do it faster than the previous game, in that case. Each of your teammates, as well as the starting point, are assigned their own button, you see. We’ve also made the upper part of screen display what weapons your allies and enemies are using too. So, if you want to jump to someone with a Charger, all you have to do is press the corresponding direction button and you’re on your way.”


How the Gyro-controlled Pointer on the map Works:

“You can activate the Super Jump with a combination of the direction buttons and the A button, but you can also activate it by pointing towards your teammate with the gyro controls and pressing A.”


Smartphone App Uses for Splatoon 2:

“Of course it supports it. The application and game work together: you can and your friends can use the app to create rooms and gather together to play, which then matches you up in the game. You can invite friends to rooms using just the app, or you can invite people not on your friend list using social network sites. You can even create rooms in advance. For example, during the afternoon, you can set up a room to invite friends to a match that same evening. Then, once enough people join, you can start the game. So you can use it to set up these “meetups”. You can also use the application to engage in voice chat with other players in the room during gameplay. This feature also works together with the game. For example, in Splatoon 2, you can chat with everyone in the room before the private match starts, but once the teams are decided, it automatically limits the chat to only be with your own team. The voice chat only functions between people in the same room, so you can’t talk to strangers.”


HD Rumble Support: 

“It will indeed make use of HD Rumble. Since it’s capable of very expressive feelings, we’re putting a lot of effort in to get the best tactile sensations possible.”


Splatoon 1’s Online Support Won’t end Just Yet:

“They can rest easy about that, the service will continue. Forever… might be impossible, but it won’t go down after the Switch launches, so everyone will still be able to enjoy the game.”


A Message for the Fans:

“There’s still a bit of time before it releases, but I hope everyone will look forward to being able to play soon. Both long-time fans and people who are new to the series can enjoy a fresh new Splatoon experience. There are still plenty more mysteries we’ve yet to unravel. We’ll be shedding light on more of them little by little from now on, so stay tuned to the Squid Research Lab Reports. Thank you for your support.”


 hile everything you see here may seem like a lot, Nintendo Everything’s article is even longer, but it also contains information the majority of us have heard multiple times, so we choose not to include it here, but if you would like to see everything in its full translated glory, click on the link below and remember to Stay Fresh!




Source: Nintendo Everything

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