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This is Miktendo64 Asks… The mini-interview series that sees us getting in touch with various devs to hear what they have to say regarding all manner of hot topics and with Fire Emblem Heroes being what is “Hot” right now, it’s only fitting we asked various devs if they downloaded the game and ask them what they thought of it. Gracing our site with his response, for this particular instalment is 13AM Games’ Alex Rushdy:


“I did download Fire Emblem Heroes. I started playing it this past weekend. I’m actually quite impressed with the game so far, it really encapsulates what is fun about Fire Emblem into a bite-size experience. I don’t usually play mobile games for very long, though, so I’m keen to see if this one can hold my interest in the long-term.

What I find most interesting about this game is that it appears to more clearly demonstrate Nintendo’s strategy of using mobile games to draw people towards their hardware and software. This feels like a way to get people hooked on the Fire Emblem IP, and consequently searching out richer experiences with the same characters on Switch and 3DS. Nintendo is clearly banking on this, announcing a deluge of Fire Emblem games to come out in the following months. I think Heroes showcases this intention much stronger than Pokémon Go or Mario Run. I wonder if it will pay off!”


While that does conclude this instalment, we still have more to follow, including one with FDG Entertainment’s Philipp Döschl.



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