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The team over at Zoink Games must be fans of Nicalis, because today they took a leaf out of Nicalis’ book.

Today on Twitter, Zoink Games didn’t share a photo of Zombie Vikings (a game that some ZG fans would was intended for a Wii U release, only to have the game scrapped), working on the Nintendo Switch, but they shared a video of it up and running and working!

While this tweet is in no way official confirmation that Zombie Vikings is a Switch title, it’s no little secret that Zoink Games are Switch developers and considering the effort they’d have had to go to just to get Zombie Vikings working on the console, it would be foolish not to release it now, especially when it’s a game that can come out during the Nintendo Switch’s release window. Then again, it could be a Switch port of the Steam released Zombie Vikings: Stab-a-thon.


Source: Zoink Games (Twitter)

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