As far as the presentation went, there was a lot of games we wanted to see shown off, but we never got to see them, and there is a good reason why.

Smash is coming to the Switch, so is Metroid and even Pokémon, but not all at once, as Nintendo want to ensure the Switch has quality games throughout its lifespan and just to clarify there are plenty of reveals on the horizon, Damon Baker took to Twitter to say this:

As someone who handles licensing for Nintendo America, he is exactly the kind of person to know for a fact what Nintendo have in store for us, as well as various games journalists who have been able to get some insider information, but the Switch is just getting started. The launch line-up is fairly abysmal, with the exception of the new Zelda game, but the titles that will follow are anything but.


Source: Damon Baker (Twitter)

By Jack Longman

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