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In case you missed it, Nintendo Force revealed a new character for Runner3 and now Choice Provisions are talking about the new character.

In a new blog post, although Choice Provisions lightly go into detail regarding Sadbot, which we will share shortly, they also said this:

“In the meantime, I would like to reiterate that Runner3 will feature faces both old and new. If you fear change, stay tuned! We’ll be talking more about some familiar faces in the near future…”


Ominous yet exciting at the same time, it does appear that the potential Nintendo Switch title will certainly have a few surprises in store, as well old faces and that is exciting but since the post is Sadbot focused, here’s the latest information on the new character:

“Sadbot is a new character, and I think it’s pretty obvious where it got its name from.* There’s plenty to be said about this mysterious creature, but we think we’ll wait until closer to the game’s release before delving into that.”

Should you find yourselves wanting to know more about the character, don’t fret as we also have the Nintendo Force write-up for you to glance over/read through:

“As for Sadbot, he may just be the very first Bit.Trip baby! Radbot, CommanderVideo’s hulking sidekick from the original Bit.Trip Runner, was too massive to make the journey for Runner3, so he grabbed some junk and made Sadbot – a smaller, stranger robot boy, born to run as Radbot’s proxy. His bucket-headed profile and torso built from canned Schlortz Premium Matt Fluid both beg the question: What lies in the soul of Sadbot? If Radbot uploaded his psyche into Sadbot’s motherboard, does that make Sadbot a mental clone of his ‘father,’ or will the sweet, lingering Sclortz in Sadbot’s heart-shaped hard drive intermingle with Radbot’s CPU to create a wholly unique mechanical offspring? Only time will tell.”


While this does conclude our Runner3 news for today, more is expected as we could be looking at an official Switch announcement in the coming days.


Source: Choice Provisions (Runner3 Dev log)

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