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Well, Emily Rogers certainly is a credible tease, but at least we didn’t have to wait long before someone stepped forward and is more than ready to talk about 2017 Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch.

More than that Rogers also tweeted yesterday that Eurogamer would be posting something Switch related and that something turned out to be Pokémon Stars! So what exactly is it? According to a Eurogamer article penned by Tom Phillips, it is the Crystal to Pokémon Sun & Moon’s Gold & Silver, except this Silver is coming to a home console platform and not handheld. For the first time ever, a single generation of main series Pokémon games will be playable on different consoles and apparently we’ve actually seen a taste of Pokémon Stars in action.

Remember the first every piece of Sun & Moon footage we saw? There was a scene where we saw a 3D model of the then un-named Pikipek. Well that particular Pikipek is how the Pokémon looks in Stars, which has been in development for quite some time. Only development was paused for a few months, so that the Sun & Moon team who are working all on three titles, would have the required amount of time to release the titles today (next week for Europe).


Just like previous third instalments, it will have the same map and art style, only the assets have a much higher resolution, oh and for anyone who’s upset Gen 7 doesn’t have enough new Pokémon, the Switch game will have a few exclusive Pokémon of its own and all trading will require the Pokémon Bank. Sadly though, because of the delay we did previously mention, although development has resumed, the 2017 Summer release is no longer likely, so release has been pushed back a couple of months, but with tons of great games already confirmed for the Switch, we’ll have plenty of games to keep us busy in the meantime.


Pokémon Stars is coming, but will it maintain the name, or will it be released as something else? Pokémon Eclipse is a good alternative!

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