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Why settle for a single photo of Plantera for the 3DS when we can get a couple more!


Having reached out to Ratalaika Games, the guys behind the port have provided us with a few new images to share and an update on the game’s current status:

“We are making the final adjustments to be able to get the best experience on the 3DS, so we’ve added a new stats menu to make the best use out of the upper screen. We have extended some of the menus & buttons so that they are be easier to tap on the 3DS screen & Wii U GamePad. Even though the game is easy to understand and simple to play, we wanted to help  beginners to reach the full experience as well, so we included a tutorial and instructions.”


Which means if all goes well, we will be able to get our hands on Plantera next month when it comes to both Wii U and 3DS and remember, Plantera WILL support cross-buy, so if you buy it for one device, you will get it for two, provided you have both.


News regarding release dates and prices is expected to come within the next couple of weeks.


Source: Adrian Vega of Ratalaika Games

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