Hanging out with Hau! A Pokémon Sun & Moon Demo Event!

As well as the known set events in the Pokémon Sun & Moon demo, there are other events that aren’t as known. For example by now you will be aware of the Alolan Dugtrio and Lillie event, but did you know there is also an event with Sun’s mum and Hau?

Only thing is, these events seem to take place on certain days, for example, the Lillie encounter happened on a Friday. The Alolan Dugtrio event seems to be a Tuesday only event (hoping to confirm this next week,) but for Sundays, during the Moon version of the demo (night time,) there’s an event that happens when you head over to the Malasada restaurant, which involves you having dinner with Hau. If you have yet to have the encounter for yourself, why not check out our impromptu footage below:

Naturally we apologise for the shakiness and the low quality of the recording, we don’t have a modded 3DS, but for a high quality version, you can go and experience the event yourself by loading up the demo! Stay tuned for more Pokémon Sun & Moon demo event footage!



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