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Just in case there hasn’t been enough news today, here’s one last reveal from today’s American Nintendo Direct, Olimar and his Pikmin pals will soon be coming to the 3DS in 2017.

Still in development, with only Pikmin as its title as the name is not yet final, this Pikmin adventure is a side-scrolling platform game of wonder, tactics, puzzles and fun. With the 3DS’s stylus you tap the touch-screen to throw the Pikmin where you want to them to go and they’ll “get to work right away,” be it battling the creatures you come across, carrying/dragging treasures to the end of the level, or just moving things to build a bridge.

During the trailer we got to see three kinds of Pikmin being utilised. First there was the red fire resistant Pikmin. Then the blue water loving Pikmin before lastly we got to see the yellow Pikmin, who can be thrown further, higher and are able to “avoid” electrocution.

As for additional Pikmin news, we’ll just have to keep our ears and eyes open during the coming months, but as soon as it does come, as always, you’ll be able to see the newly revealed news right here at Miketendo64!


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