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For a very long time we went without any information on Pokémon GO and although in the last few months, there have been some YouTube channels that provided new information, no one did it better than The Silph Road and their latest video is proof of that.


They may have started out on Reddit, but now with a YouTube channel of their own, The Silph Road have been doing a blinding job of keeping us all up to date and now with field testing over and all the statistics they collected, gathered and analysed, they have release the following video. (If you are looking to acquire certain Pokémon during your experience with Pokémon GO, after its release, then watching this video is a must!)

These guys are brilliant when it comes to revealing news and new details regarding Pokémon GO, so to truly stay up to date with the game, it is worth subscribing to their channel, which you can do so, by clicking here. As for the results themselves, they do go hand in hand with what others have been saying as well and brings a smile to my face because as a guy who lives by the sea, with cliffs, rivers and a woods within walking distance, it should be very happy hunting for me indeed. Krabby and Charmander, you’re mine!


Source: The Silph Road (YouTube)

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