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With today being the 15th of May, Pokémon fans in North America have just two more days to grab their very own Shiny Xerneas via the Nintendo Network before the Fairy-type Pokémon trots off back to the forest.

Getting Xerneas from the Nintendo Network is very simple to do. All you need is your handheld, a copy of either ORAS of X&Y Pokémon game and a working internet connection. Once booted up, be sure to click Mystery Gift, Recieve Gift, then Get Via Internet and click Yes to accept when it asks you. Xerneas comes at Lv.100 and is the second instalment of special three part distribution taking place this month.

After the 17th Xerneas will no longer be available, but that’s okay because three days later, the final part of the distribution will be underway. You will only have from the 20th to the 26th to get a Shiny Yveltal from the Nintendo Network.


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