First Person Smash Bros!

During a recent constant scour of the internet and Youtube I came across this little Gem, it is a short video made by these talented Youtubers at SoKrispyMedia. It shows a first person view of a VR fight between the player as Mario against a CPU Link. words can not describe how good this video is, it is something you just have to see for yourselves.


Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS To Get New Updates & DLC This Weekend!

Good News for Smash Fans!!! On July 31st, Super Smash Bros owners for Wii U & 3DS will be able to pick up some new updates & downloadable content. The update includes;

  • Tournament Mode (Wii U Only)
  • Ability to save and post replays to YouTube (Wii U Only)
  • Chrom & King K Rool costume for Mii Fighters (3DS & Wii U)
  • Parka costumes, which can be used by all three Mii types (3DS & Wii U)

Available to buy from the eShop individually for $1.99 or both for $2.99, will be two new retro stages from the N64 Smash Bros game.

  • Hyrule Castle 64 Stage
  • Peach’s Castle 64 Stage

The addition of the new stages will definitely add variety but the addition of the King K Rool Mii costume may disappoint fans, as it may be hint that he may not become a playable character. However, there is a Link Costume for the Miis and Link is a playable character so it doesn’t mean King K Rool is out of the picture just yet. What do you think about this new update. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Gaming: Nintendo To Release Miiverse Update

This should be good news for everyone who is more verbal about videogames, share the love!

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Miiverse Gets a Major Update that Makes Discussing Games Easier Than Ever

Notice something different about Miiverse today? That’s because the free family-friendly service that lets players communicate with other Nintendo players around the world just got a redesign. The makeover is not only visual – the update comes with new features that make sharing tips, drawings and comments about Wii U orNintendo 3DS games more enjoyable than ever.

The new features included in the redesign include the following:

  • Screen Shot Album – Saving and organizing screen shots that people take in games are made easier with the new Screen Shot Album. The private album can only be viewed by the player and can hold up to 100 screen shots from a variety of games. The images can even be neatly sorted by game name for easy searching.
  • Play Journal – With the Play Journal, players can record their…

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August Update For Splatoon! New Weapons, Game Modes & More

On August 6th (next Thursday),  we will be welcomed with another free software update for Splatoon on the Wii U and it brings with it a plenty of new content to enjoy for the game, including new weapon types, two matchmaking modes, the game’s level-cap will be increased and over 40 pieces of new gear to keep yourself fresh!. Players will also be allowed now to create a winning strategy that will encourage them to fight to be the best and most battle tested squid-squad around.

Part of the new update introduces the “Squad Battle” and “Private Battle” matchmaking options. In Squad Battle, players can participate with friends in Ranked Battle rule sets rather than being teamed up randomly with other players. After a player creates a squad, friends can be recruited to form a team from two to four Inklings. Friends will always play together on the same team and will battle at random against other squads.

In Private Battle, friends will be able to splat it up in private, customized matches. Between two to eight friends will have the chance to battle together by selecting their favourite map, mode and weapons. Participant numbers can ranges from 1v1 to 4v4, but the teams don’t necessarily have to be even: if the host so chooses, he or she can decide to create teams of 1v4, 1v2, or any other combination of players.

The increased level cap in both Regular Battle and Ranked Battle modes will also be a welcomed feature. After the downloading of this software update, the new level cap will be increase to level 50 (raised from level 20) and
S rank and S+ in Ranked Battle (which succeeds from A+).

While Inklings around the world are currently enjoying and mastering the current arsenal of weapons available in Splatoon, two new weapon types are included with the update, to add a new layer of strategy to the game. The Slosher (a bucket-like weapon) hurls ink straight ahead of you with impressive range and by adjusting the angle, you will be able to splat opponents who are up high or even on the other side of a wall. With the Splatling weapon ( a Gatling-style weapon), players can charge up an all-powerful ink blast. A maximum charge will unleash this particular weapon’s full potential. As Well as the new addition to the new weapons, you will be able to acquire more than 40 pieces of gear from a leather jacket to a sushi-chef outfit which will be available in the in-game shops of Splatoon.

That is not all, despite the size and scope of this free splat-tacular August update, there is more content on the way through the rest of summer and into Autumn, including the addition of the Rainmaker Ranked Battle mode, additional maps and new weapons. More details on these will be revealed sometime in the near future.

Battle Quest Episode 2: Through Forests & Mountains

The Second part of our Legend Of Mike: Battle Quest miniseries is now available to watch on Youtube or via the link below. This time around our hero ventures along the Road to the Goron Mines towards the Forest Temple and onward and upwards via the Death Mountain Climb.

The Legend Of Mike: Battle Quest

After some recent inspiration playing Nintendo Land, I decided to make a Unique playthrough telling the story of the Legend Of Mike: Battle Quest. See what you think via the video below.

Banjo Kazooie Returns!!! As A Fan-Made Project

What with the hype building up around the upcoming Yooka-Laylee and the Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot bringing in lots of Fan interest of who they would like to appear in the game, Banjo Kazooie has been brought back to the light of the world once again and has gathered quite a lot of interest and could be a fair contender for a fighter spot in Super Smash Bros as one fan went as far to create a detailed diagram of his potential moveset. However this is not what my post is about today as there is a fan-made project to bring back Banjo-kazooie in their own game, The fan-made project is called Banjo-Kazooie Returns and is created by Michael Koczwara of MarioPartyLeagacy.


Still in development, Michael, aims to create a fully fledged game using all the available tools, layouts and characters available via Banjo’s Backpack, A program which allows users to create their own Banjo-Kazooie themed levels and games. The video below shows off what Michael has created so far and what you can expect from the game when it is finally developed though he has stated on the MarioPartyLegacy website that the levels may completely change in the finished project. I personally would love to see this come into fruition and am a big fan of the Banjo Kazooie games and was deeply saddened when Rare was bought out by Microsoft. it was as if Social services had came and took my baby, never to be seen again. Any how this is a really cool concept and even if it means it is only available on PC, I will still get it to remember the Nostalgia of the Original two games; Kazooie & Tooie.

Satoru Iwata: A Miketendo64 Direct Tribute

We just finished uploading our latest Miketendo64 Direct as a tribute to Satoru Iwata, To honour his memory and all the joy of videogaming he has provided us, we end the direct with Satoru Iwata in Mii Form, taking a final Balloon Trip in Nintendo Land as a mark of respect and reconciliation to the Creator of Balloon Fight and many many other video games.

A Tribute To Satoru Iwata, A Great Man And A Legend Amongst Gamers

As many of you already know, The President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata has died on July 11th and it is a very sad moment for many gamers and especially his family and friends. Though I am very mournful of this loss as his Nintendo Directs are what inspired me to take up my own video camera and film our Miketendo64 Direct shorts, I am touched to see the amount of tributes that have been dedicated to him in various art form from written poems to sketched artwork to Tribute videos. I have compiled some of my favourites here to share them with you. Iwata-San will be greatly missed but his legacy will live on in all of us.

#Splatfest Splattergeddon

#Splatfest Splattergeddon

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman


It’s here and as the party is ready to kick off in the good old US of A, for Independence day, fireworks to be soaring into the sky above, the party has kicked off in Europe and Northern America as Splatfest is here. We haven’t got fireworks but we do have inkstrikes raining down upon us in the Turf War Splatfest battles, with three playable stages and all sorts of ranks to be obtained via a good old point system. (Got to rack up those points). Been playing it for an hour and it is God damn Splattergeddon I tell you.


Still, I got a brand new spiffing Splatfest tee, so that’s pretty awesome, except for the fact that I like totes got to hand it in once the event is over, which is a total buzzkill (wonder if I could just hide it so they can’t take it from me. Nah that would never work). Now I would just like to take this moment to shout out to my awesome, Team Rock! That’s right I’m a Euro gamer, and of course I picked Rock over pop, rock is awesome, just like ordinary Turf War, running around, shooting your colourful load all over the course, what’s not to enjoy about that and of course occasionally killing anyone on the opposite team, but it’s a lot more fun because now it’s a pure competition and time to totally own, which I so am. (Look for by my name, I’m the level 8 Jack you see killing everyone with his ordinary Splat roller).

And just like ordinary Turf War, the team who inks the most turf wins and the points and coin you win, reflects this, as although Spatoon is indeed a shooter game, one of Nintendo’s best, being the Inkling who scores the most headshots, or covert splats, or subweapon kills, doesn’t really matter, except to the gamer who just loves to kill everybody and come on, be honest, it is a big part of the fun. I mean you see this large area of the oppositions paint, you shoot it up, you notice movement to your left, you turn, you spot an Inkling in squid form, of course you’re going to open fire, that’s just common sense. Mind you, if you’re an arse like me than normal battle, ranked battle, or Splatfeast, you’re all about the killing and pitch up camp at your enemies base, waiting for the dead players to respawn, just so you can mow them back down with the roller.

But hey, Nintendo really hit the mark with Splatfest and they have made up for it since the delay two weeks past and sure there have been some glitches on my side of the world but it’s all good and this is just the start of greater things to come, such as more updates, especially a bigger one in August. Furthermore Nintendo really hit the mark with the online side of the game, which in all honesty is what makes this game the game it is, outshining both story-mode and Battle Dojos and with that, it’s time I raised my Super Rocky Boy rank to the next level. Splatoon Europe, I’m ready for round 2.

Check Out Our Announcement Trailer For Our Web Series!!!

We have just uploaded our Announcement Trailer for our Wii U Lv1 Playthrough Series, presented by Yours Truly. Are You looking to extend your Wii U Library? are there a few games you would like to buy but are not sure they are even worth buying. well you are in luck as I shall tell you now in our New Announcement Video. Do Not Miss Out On Watching This Trailer!