Detective Log: Friday the 6th of October, 2023

Investigating Officer: Detective Pikachu

Time: Coffee o’clock

Sorry, I’m not much of a morning Pokémon, but I do make up for it by being a Great Detective! I am the Great Detective Pikachu and after having kept all of you and my good friend, Tim Goodman, waiting long enough, it is time to continue the investigation into the disappearance of my original partner, Harry Goodman, Tim’s father.

Owie! This coffee is hot! I nearly burned my tongue on that one.

  • Note to self 1: Stop being in such a rush to explain everything and blow on your coffee first.

It all started back in 2016 when I made my initial debut as a Great Detective. Having scored the case of a lifetime, I was able to establish myself as the lead character in my very own Pokémon spin-off game. With action being the desired genre and my bolts of brilliance solving every mystery I was presented with, there was no way I could have merely settled for having my own reality TV show.

Instead, my debut game, Great Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo, was exclusively released in some place called “Japan.” I’ve never heard of it. It must be near the Kanto region, but the game was only the first part of a larger story. With too many questions left unanswered, the second part would soon follow, but for those of you in the “West”, wherever that is, both parts would be released as a singular game, Detective Pikachu, for the Nintendo 3DS. Not to toot my own horn, but it was easily one of the greatest games developed for the popular handheld system, with visuals that were praised for at their time.

  • Note to self 2: Get a new map and try to find out where Japan and the West are.

How did these photos get added to my case file? Is this your doing, Tim? Partners, hey? Can’t solve cases with them, can’t solve cases without them. Talking of Tim, he’s the best partner I could possibly ask for, especially since he is the only human who can actually understand me.

Were it not for the pull of fate, we might not have ever met, but because Tim’s dad went missing, disappearing shortly after a mysterious car crash that left me with amnesia, Tim would arrive in Ryme City and our fated meeting finally took place.

The two of us soon got to work, with Tim wearing his classic red hoodie and me looking simply adorable in my deerstalker hat and our joint search for Harry, resulted in a wild ride. From recovering a stolen necklace from an Aipom, to dealing with a rampaging Glalie. Before we knew it, our thorough investigation saw us get caught up in a larger conspiracy, involving what was intended to be a miracle drug called “R.”

Its creator, Dr. Waals had good intentions and created R, believing it was using the DNA of Mew, but actually utilized Mewtwo’s DNA instead.  This would be a terrible mistake, for Mewtwo’s “berserk gene” causes any Pokémon exposed to R, to rampage. Tim and I faced a lot of perils during our epic adventure, but despite the risks and the many hazards faced, we came through for one another like true partners would do and solved every case but one. Harry was still missing.

  • Note to self 3: Running out of coffee. Need to get a refill.

With a promise to Mewtwo that I still need to keep, a lot has happened since our investigation came to a near close. There was a bizarre period in 2019 where things looked a little too realistic and I started sounding like an X-Man character that loves the sound of their own voice. I hear he has a third film coming out soon and Wolverine is going to be in it. That’s cool, we need more films and video games where the lead characters are yellow. He could have just asked me though, as I would have accepted.

  • Note to self 4: Let Deadpool know I am available for a cameo.

I would like to quickly point out though, that while Tim and I are a fantastic pairing, I am still a highly capable detective when he is not by my side. As evident in my eoBok outing, Detective Pikachu: Episode 0—Eevee’s Case, a case that took place after my bout of amnesia but before I became partners with the younger Goodman.

  • Note to self 5: Who knew amnesia could be super effective?

Mini and movie adventures aside and the years that have transpired since, Tim and I are back on the case and we’ll stop at nothing to find Harry. Of course, here in Ryme City, only two years have passed. Whilst a lot has changed, there are plenty that have stayed the same. The realistic visuals from the film are long gone and the city has gone back to its former videogame glory. It’s not the dramatic HD visual some had had hoped for, but the creators behind this fair city, have kept true to their original design and made plenty of subtle improvements.

If you thought Pokémon had plenty of personality the first time around, just wait until you get a load of Ryme City this time around. One minute I’m trying to get information out of a group of Lotad or Bellossom and before you know it, this Great Detective turns into a pretty great dancer!

  • Note to self 6: Did I make sure no one was taking photos when I was dancing?
  • Note to self 7: Next case, find out who keeps taking these photos and including them in my case file.

Having great social skills is vital to being a great detective and because of my ability to talk to my fellow Pokémon, I’ll have you know it comes in handy, more than you know. No matter the mystery, as long as Tim and I are on the case, we will be able to scour the area, look for evidence, gather testimonies, diligently look for clues and interrogate every man, woman, child and Pokémon, who may have seen something.

When we reach a point where it looks like we can advance with our investigation, it’s time to review everything gathered so far and deduce what actually happened. So, with lots of information to gather up and keep track of, it is a good thing Tim is handy with his notebook and quick to note it all down.

  • Note to self 8: Maybe I should get Tim to write up future case notes.

We’ll also be making plenty of friends along the way and with the likes of a Growlithe, Galarian Darmanitan and even a Luxray. Not only can they help us solve cases with their unique abilities, but I get to ride them too. Growlithe is fantastic at picking up scents, Galarian Darmanitan packs a wallop and Luxray, is a Luxray! But, if I am being honest, Galarian Darmanitan can be quite scary to ride. Plus, just how big each Pokémon is.

Still, I feel as though I should give Tim a little more praise than I should. He has stuck by me through thick and thin and as far as humans go, he’s one of the good ones. He is a good man, just like his father. Maybe that’s why they’re called “Goodman.” They come from a whole family of Goodman.

  • Note to self 9: Look up the Goodman family tree.

Speaking of Goodman, not every Goodman is a good man, there are good women as well as more of Tim’s family have popped in to enjoy a little bit of screen time. His mother, Irene, she’s good to us and boy, does she know how to cook! There’s also Sophia, Tim’s younger sister. It’s a shame Harry went missing, because he really does have a charming family. But, still not as charming as me. I mean, have you seen me, I’m adorable!

So adorable I was once asked to model for my very own Detective Pikachu amiibo. It was huge. Striking. Absolutely beautiful and apparently it had a special effect. When used during my previous outing on the 3DS, it… Hang on a second. Let me check my notes. I think it is scribbled in one of Tim’s notebooks. Ah ha! Here it is. When players scanned it into Detective Pikachu Returns, it allowed you to unlock all Pika prompts and discussions with yours truly that you may have missed out on.

Regrettably, this masterpiece! This collectable item that was licensed with my approval, serves no purpose on my new adventure. It’s almost like it was forgotten about entirely. With no actual benefit this time around, the only thing it is good for now is to remain as a part of your Detective Pikachu memorabilia, or placed upon one edge of your desk as a paperweight.

  • Note to self 10: Is this why Tim asks me to sit on his desk? I’m onto you now, partner.

That bolt of brilliance aside, I am told that for those who wish to join Tim and I on our next great adventure, there will be plenty of investigations, aka “Local Concerns” for us to take on, all whilst looking for Harry and that our latest adventure, will take place over a series of six episodes. Furthermore, there is something called a “Story Jump,” a “mode” that allows players to access any of the chapters you’ve played through previously

  • Note to self 11: If players have already reached the end of chapter 6, does that make them a greater detective than I? Impossible!

Still, even a Great Detective needs a break every now and then, so it’s a good thing we still have the Hi-Hat Café. The owner, Pablo Millan, and his partner, Ludicolo, really know how to make a perfect cup of coffee. With all the coffee I could drink, the Hi-Hat Café really knows how to make a Pokémon feel at home, when they are tuckered out from Quick Time Events, after unravelling the many mysteries of Ryme City.

You know, it’s funny. The more our fair city changes, the more it stays the same and thank Arceus for that. I love this fair city of ours. It’s a great place to work. The humans and Pokémon that live here, are all such interesting characters. A Pokémon Professor might have a hard time cataloguing all the Pokémon that call this city home, due to the variety on show, but to any visitor I say, “come for the sites, but stay for the Pokémon.” Our charming ways will soon win you over, especially when you see a certain Slowpoke wearing a Cowboy hat.

  • Note to self 12: Is it wrong I want to ride this Slowpoke?

So, come one and come all. Ryme City is open and all friends of Pokémon are welcome. By all means have fun, but there’s work to be done and Tim and I can’t do it without you.

Detective Pikachu, out!

By Jack Longman

In 2015, when rumours of the NX and Zelda U were everywhere, my brother and I started Miketendo64 and we've been running it ever since. As the Editor-in-Chief, I have attended video gaming events in three different countries, been to preview events, and penned more than 4,000 articles to date, ranging from news, to features, reviews, interviews and guides. I love gaming and I love all things Nintendo. I also love Networking, so don't be afaid to reach out. Email: / Website: YouTube channel:

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