After months of anticipation Part 1: The Teal Mask, is available now in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet and with it, players can now access the new region of Kitakami. As long as players have begun the Treasure Hunt, they can access Kitakami at any point in their adventure and with a new region to explore, but there is more to Kitakami than just 200 Pokémon to catch. In this little guide, we’ll be helping you to upgrade your Rotom Phone and get new Pokédex borders:

How to Upgrade your Rotom Phone & Get New Pokédex Borders | Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask

The first step to upgrading your Rotom Phone is to head to Kitakami and reach the Community Center in Mossui Town for the first time and play through just enough of the DLC’s story to get free reign back. Once you are able to travel freely, you will want to leave Mossui Town by heading west through Apple Hills and make your way to Loyalty Plaza.

Just before Loyalty Plaza, you will see a male NPC whose speech is in a yellow border. By talking to him, he will upgrade your Rotom Phone so that whatever case you prefer to use for your Rotom Phone, the upper and lower frames on your Pokédex will now match the design of your preferred case.

In game, it says all compatible apps will take on a matching design to your Rotom Phone case, but so far, the Pokédex is the only known app that does this. As for all cases that are compatible, it consists of every Rotom Case that players can purchase in Paldea, including the cases given to the player, based on you having specific save data for other Pokémon games on your Nintendo Switch. There are also new Rotom cases players can get in Kitakami, with three being based on the Loyal Three and another, the Glitterati case, being obtainable via a specific side quest.

As always, we hope you found this guide helpful.

By Jack Longman

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