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The time has come to welcome in July 2023 and what a month it is shaping up to be. With a large variety of big games and indie gems, there really are too many games to keep track off, but that’s okay as we’re on hand once again to highlight 16 games that are all releasing on the Nintendo Switch this month. To properly get Part 1 underway, here are our first four picks:


[Guide] 16 Games Releasing on Nintendo Switch | July 2023 (Part 1)

Silent Paws (July 3, 2023)

Publisher: Ultimate Games

Genre: Adventure, Arcade, Platformer, Other

No. of Players: 1 (Single System)

File Size: 509 MB

Price: $4.99


Play as a fox exploring a mystical world filled with wonder and magic. Step into the shoes of a curious fox and journey through enchanted forests, hidden caves, and ancient ruins to uncover the secrets of this magical land.

As you explore the world of Silent Paws, you’ll encounter a variety of obstacles. You must navigate through the lush environment, using your cunning and agility to progress, you’ll uncover the rich history and lore of the world, revealing the story of the world.

Sentimental Death Loop (July 6, 2023)

Publisher: qureate

Genre: Adventure

No. of Players: 1 (Single System)

File Size: 603 MB

Price: $19.99


Just as you begin to settle in for a fun day at your best friend’s house, something changes in her and she kills you. And not just once—she ends your life time and time and time again.

Your goal is to escape from this endless loop of despair.

Jump through time to change your destiny!

The investigation portions of the game are rendered in three-quarter view.

Work toward your escape by searching rooms for the items and clues needed to solve puzzles and disarm traps. Time travel to obtain new, useful information capable of changing your destiny.

Your goal is to use the methods available to you and escape the never-ending loop of death. Your

Your dear friend stalks toward you with a knife. Use the items at your disposal to escape!

Nemu may try to corner you while you’re investigating a room.

Use the items around you to stop her and make your escape, otherwise you’ll be killed and sent back in time!

How many times must you be robbed of hope?!

Your actions will lead you to a number of different endings.

However, it seems like only sadness and despair await you each and every time. Will you really manage to escape this cycle of death?!

Gimmick! Special Edition (July 6, 2023)

Publisher: Bitwave Games

Genre: Action, Platformer

No. of Players: 1 (Single System)

File Size: 204 MB

Price: $14.99


An old-school challenge enhanced for the modern player – SUNSOFT’s NES™ classic Gimmick! returns in this long-wished-for Special Edition from City Connection. Experience a stunning physics-based platformer with updated features like online leaderboards, achievements, a time attack mode, save and quick load, a rewind function, a gorgeous gallery (with cartridges, art, and scanned manuals), and more.

Stellar platform physics with a bouncing star –Explore a physics-based playground that was way ahead of its time. As the cute youkai Yumetaro, use your star-summoning powers to tackle complex challenges with creativity and finesse. Your wonderful star will help you reach hidden spots, traverse cliffs, and pull off trick shots that outwit even the toughest baddies!

Discover a hidden NES™ treasure – Gimmick! was exclusively released on Famicom™/NES™ in Japan and Scandinavia in the early ‘90s. It pushed the console to its limits and the Japanese cartridge featured SunSoft 5B, a custom sound chip that let Masashi Kageyama compose a star-studded soundtrack. Gimmick! remains one of the most valuable (and rarest) NES™ cartridges ever made. The Scandinavian version was called “Mr. Gimmick”.

Uncover secrets in a race against time! – Gimmick! Special Edition features a time attack mode for speedrunners, and completionists can hunt for secrets all throughout the game. Unlock a wonderful surprise by finding everything. For a hard-core challenge, disable all quality-of-life features in “Serious Mode” to crank up the excitement!

Modern enhancements:

  • Achievements
  • Time Attack Mode
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Save and Quick Load
  • Rewind Function
  • Gallery mode
  • Sound test

Necrosmith (July 6, 2023)

Publisher: Merge Games

Genre: Action, Adventure, Strategy, Role-Playing

No. of Players: 1 (Single System)

File Size: 211 MB

Price: $7.99


Assemble the dead using different body parts while upgrading your tower, combine the abilities of the different fantastic races to fight your way through the hordes of enemies and overrun the ’chosen ones’. To tell the truth, the dead are pretty, uhm, dumb.
In a dark, dark tower a dark, dark Necromancer is performing a dark, dark ritual as dark, dark clouds swarm… Wait a second! What is a white cat doing here? ASSEMBLE!

  • ASSEMBLE THE DEAD – Skeletons, zombies, orcs, harpies, elementals, and even robots! Combine the body parts with the appropriate characteristics and attacks to find the perfect combination of survivability, speed, and combat power.
  • UPGRADE YOUR TOWER – Build necro labs to grow body parts and make techno-magic devices to upgrade your army of the dead.
  • EXPLORE THE WORLD – Guide your hordes of the undead through more than a dozen biomes to find the keys to escape from this strange world.

All details regarding the games above were true at the time we sourced them directly from Nintendo’s own website. If there are any changes between now and each game’s eventual release, we apologize in advance and we hope you have enjoyed the selected titles so far. For even more games, we hope you come back for the next instalment.

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