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The revelation that the fourth and final DLC from Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Expansion Pass was releasing in a week took everyone by surprise, but now that we are able to settle down and take in everything that the Future Connected trailer showed us, people are starting to notice similarities between our new-look heroes and characters from their past. As fans of the series dive deeper into the intricacies of what Monolith Soft has in store for us in what seems like the final chapter of the Xenoblade Chronicles Saga, people have taken to Twitter to voice their findings.

Two users in particular have noticed that the change in Shulk’s and Rex’s appearance is not only superficial, but that there is a deeper correlation to heroes that each one of them admired.

While you may have been captivated by the long hair of Shulk and the manlier and “beefier” look of Rex, you may have overlooked that both of these characters have adopted a class that closely resembles important characters from their past. Dantes highlighted via Twitter that Shulk becoming a ‘Tank’ is similar to Dunban’s character from the original Xenoblade Chronicles who was an agility tank, while Leon mentions on Twitter as well that Rex has now become an attacker which aligns him closer to the character of Vandham.

With the main heroes of Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 undergoing a bigger makeover than just their physical appearance, we now turn our attention to Noah (or his successor) to see which character’s role he might adopt in the Future Connected story. Guernica Vandham might seem like the obvious choice, but with a version of Vandham already represented in Rex’s new look, could another character (if any) be the inspiration of the new-look Noah?

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