Developed by PlatinumGames, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon released worldwide on the Nintendo Switch on March 17, 2023. Unlike other Bayonetta games, Cereza and the Lost Demon is a spin-off title that thrusts a much younger version of Bayonetta into the spotlight, before she grows up into the kick arse, sassy Umbra witch we all know her to be.

With numerous characters, some who are well-known and others who are new additions to the world of Bayonetta, we felt it was high-time to showcase a few of them and now is the illusive leader of the Faeries, Púca:

Púca: (The Self-Proclaimed King)

An unsettling figure who surfaces from the shadows, then dissolves within them just as quickly. He can command many of the faeries of Avalon, and seems to have interest in Cereza and Cheshire’s whereabouts.

His name is Púca, and he claims himself to be the king of the faerie kingdom. He is bent on complete domination of Avalon, and commands an army of faeries in order to accomplish this.

Being neurotically cautious, he orders lower faeries to constantly patrol the forest for any invaders and extinguish them upon sight, no matter how helpless or innocent they may be.

He dons a cape several times taller than his own height, and acts overly haughty to anyone in his presence, albeit with a peculiar way of speaking.

Not one to fight his own battles, he prefers instead to create strategies for how to eliminate his opposition. A talented user of faerie magic, he has succeeded in creating an illusion of the angel Affinity that he can control to his own will. His power should not be underestimated.

Originally a researcher serving under the former faerie king, Púca deciphered many human writings and, in turn, was able to create numerous inventions for the kingdom. He showed the talent of a brilliant scientist.

The Elemental Cores also happened to be of Púca’s design, and their introduction into faerie society changed it radically. He was praised for his contributions to the kingdom, but he continued to seek power with an obsession, and eventually started to devise a plan to overthrow Avalon.

Once the faerie king revealed his son would be a human boy, Púca used this to create unease within the kingdom, building an army that he would lead to bring the kingdom to its downfall.

He had hoped to acquire Lukaon’s immense power for himself, but having his spirit hidden and body guarded by Morgana’s magic, his only remaining option was to create a seal on the body with the Elemental Cores that would prevent Lukaon from ever recovering it.

And once he finally does obtain Lukaon’s power, he immediately thinks of taking his plans for conquest outside Avalon…only to have his life snuffed out by a single crushing blow from Morgana, who had been waiting for the moment patiently.

By Jack Longman

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