With Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet out now, players have been able to enjoy the Gen 9 adventures for the last few months, but thanks to release of a certain video to celebrate 1,008 Pokémon, more of Paldea’s finest have been officially revealed. As such, it’s time to welcome back Who’s That Pokémon?.” In this instalment, we’re covering Great Tusk:

Pokémon: Great Tusk

Classification: Paradox Pokémon

Type: Ground/Fighting

Height: 2.2 m

Weight: 320 kg

Ability: Protosynthesis


A suspicious magazine* says that sightings of this Pokémon have occurred in one arid corner of Paldea. The Pokémon is described as having an aggressive disposition, gigantic tusks, and tough scales. According to this magazine, leading theories hold that this being is a living relic of the dinosaur era that has lived through to today—but no one can say for certain.​​

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By Jack Longman

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