For the most part, evolving Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus is relatively straightforward. The grand majority or Pokémon evolutions simply require the Pokémon to reach a certain level. Other Pokémon though have more peculiar requirements in order to evolve. Some require a particular evolution item, while others require you to build up a good relationship with them (more on that in a moment).

In this guide, we will show you what is required to evolve every Pokémon that has an evolution in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Please bear in mind that this guide is still a work in progress and is still missing some Pokémon evolutions like those caused by moves or based on specific locations. These will be added in due time.

Pokémon Evolutions by Experience

The following Pokémon will evolve in Pokémon Legends: Arceus by simply reaching the required Level:

Abra – Evolves into Kadabra at Level 16
Barboach – Evolves into Whiscash at Level 30
Bergmite – Evolves into Avalugg at Level 37
Bidoof – Evolves into Bibarel at Level 15
Bronzor – Evolves into Bronzong at Level 33
Buizel – Evolves into Floatzel at Level 26
Burmy (male) – Evolves into Mothim at Level 20
Burmy (female) Evolves into Wormadam at Level 20
Cherubi – Evolves into Cherrim at Level 25
Chimchar – Evolves into Monferno at Level 14, can then evolve into Infernape at Level 36
Combee (female) – Evolves into Vespiquen at Level 21 (male Combee doesn’t have an evolution)
Cranidos – Evolves into Rampardos at Level 30
Croagunk – Evolves into Toxicroak at Level 37
Cyndaquil – Evolves into Quilava at Level 17, can then evolve into Hisuian Typhlosion at Level 36
Drifloon – Evolves into Drifblim at Level 28
Duskull – Evolves into Dusclops at Level 37
Elekid – Evolves into Electabuzz at Level 30
Finneon – Evolves into Lumineon at Level 31
Gastly – Evolves into Haunter at Level 25
Geodude – Evolves into Graveler at Level 25
Gible – Evolves into Gabite (Level 24), can then evolve into Garchomp at Level 48
Glameow – Evolves into Purugly at Level 38
Goomy – Evolves into Sliggoo at Level 50
Hippopotas – Evolves into Hippowdon at Level 34
Hisuian Zorua – Evolves into Hisuian Zoroark at Level 30
Kricketot – Evolves into Kricketune at Level 10
Machop – Evolves into Machoke at Level 28
Magby – Evolves into Magmar at Level 30
Magikarp – Evolves into Gyarados at Level 20
Magnemite – Evolves into Magneton at Level 30
Oshawott – Evolves into Dewott at Level 17, can then evolve into Hisuian Samurott at Level 36
Paras – Evolves into Parasect at Level 24
Piplup – Evolves into Prinplup at Level 16, can then evolve into Empoleon at Level 36
Ponyta – Evolves into Rapidash at Level 40
Psyduck – Evolves into Golduck Level 33
Ralts – Evolves into Kirlia at Level 20, can then evolve into Gardevoir at Level 30
Remoraid – Evolves into Octillery at Level 25
Rhyhorn – Evolves into Rhydon at Level 42
Rowlet – Evolves into Dartrix at Level 17, can then evolve into Hisuian Decidueye at Level 36
Rufflet – Evolves into Hisuian Braviary at Level 54
Shellos – Evolves into Gastrodon at Level 30
Shieldon – Evolves into Bastiodon at Level 30
Shinx – Evolves into Luxio at Level 15, can then evolve into Luxray at Level 30
Skorupi – Evolves into Drapion at Level 40
Snorunt – Evolves into Glalie at Level 42
Snover – Evolves into Abomasnow at Level 40
Spheal – Evolves into Sealeo at Level 32, can then evolve into Walrein at Level 44
Starly – Evolves into Staravia at Level 14, can then evolve into Staraptor at Level 34
Stunky – Evolves into Skuntank at Level 34
Swinub – Evolves into Piloswine at Level 33
Teddiursa – Evolves into Ursaring at Level 30
Tentacool – Evolves into Tentacruel at Level 30
Turtwig — Evolves into Grotle at Level 18, can then evolve into Torterra at Level 32
Wurmple – Evolves into Silcoon at Level 7 by day, can then evolve into Beautifly at Level 10
Wurmple – Evolves into Cascoon at Level 7 by dusk, can then evolve into Dustox at Level 10
Zubat – Evolves into Golbat at Level 22


Evolution Items

Pokémon Evolutions by Evolution Items

The Following items listed are required to evolve certain Pokémon:

Evolution Stones

DAWN STONE – Kirlia (male) > Gallade | Snorunt (female) > Froslass

DUSK STONE – Misdreavus > Mismagius | Murkrow > Honchkrow

FIRE STONE –  Eevee > Flareon | Hisuian Growlithe > Hisuian Arcanine | Vulpix > Ninetales

ICE STONE – Alolan Vulpix > Alolan Ninetales | Eevee > Glaceon

LEAF STONE – Eevee > Leafeon | Hisuian Voltob > Hisuian Electrode

MOON STONE – Clefairy > Clefable

OVAL STONE – Happiny > Chansey

SHINY STONE – Roselia > Roserade | Togetic > Togekiss

SUN STONE – Petilil > Hisuian Lilligant

THUNDER STONE –  Eevee > Jolteon | Magneton > Magnezone | Pikachu > Raichu

WATER STONE – Eevee > Vaporeon


Other Evolution Items

BLACK AUGURITE –  Scyther > Kleavor

LINKING CORD – Graveler > Golem | Haunter > Gengar | Kadabra — Alakazam | Machoke > Machamp

DUBIOUS DISC – Porygon2 > Porygon-Z

ELECTIRIZER – Electabuzz > Electvire

MAGMARIZER –  Magmar > Magmortar

METAL COAT – Onix > Steelix | Scyther > Scizor

PEAT BLOCK –  Ursaring > Ursaluna (during a full moon)

PROTECTOR –  Rhydon > Rhyperior

RAZOR CLAW – Sneasel (Johto form) > Weavile (Night) | Sneasel (Hisuian form) > Sneasler (Day)

RAZOR FANG – Gilgar > Glisor

REAPER CLOTH – Dusclops > Dusknoir

UPGRADE – Porygon > Porygon2

Pokémon Evolutions by Location

The following group of Pokémon evolve be actually being in a specific area.

Eevee can evolve into Leafeon in the Obsidian Fieldlands. Go southwest of The Heartwood to find Moss Rock (a large rock in an opening between trees). Eevee will be able to evolve near it.
Eevee can evolve into Glaceon in the Alabaster Icelands. First you will need to go inside a cavern in Bonechill Wastes. Within the cavern Eevee can evolve next to an Icy Rock.
Magneton can evolve into Magnezone in Coronet Highlands
Nosepass can evolve into Probopass in Coronet Highlands
Sliggoo can evolve into Goodra at any location where it is raining. The Cobalt Coastlands and Crimson Mirelands are pretty good places where it can frequently rain.


Pokémon Evolutions via Relationships 

You must have a strong bond between these Pokémon before you can get them to evolve. To check your relationship status with a Pokémon, talk to Belamy who can be found near the Jubilife Village Pasture during the day. This character becomes available starting with Request 28 – Measuring Your Compatibility.

Budew > Roselia
Buneary > Lopunny
Chingling > Chimecho
Cleffa > Clefairy
Eevee > Espeon (if evolved during the day)
Eevee > Umbreon (if evolved at night)
Eevee > Sylveon (if evolved with a fairy-type move equipped)
Golbat > Crobat
Munchlax > Snorlax
Pichu > Pikachu
Riolu > Lucario
Togepi > Togetic

There is one Pokémon that will evolve not on the relationship with the player but by having another Pokémon in your party. Mantyke will evolve into Mantine when there is a Remoraid present.


Pokémon Evolutions Via Move Learning Or Usage

Some Pokémon evolve after a they have learned a particular move or have used a move a certain number of times. We have split them up into two subcategories. Please note that the Pokémon may have to have the move equipped as well in order to evolve, not just learn the move.


Learned Move-based Evolutions

Aipom can evolve into Ambipom upon learning Double Hit at Level 25.
Mime Jr. can evolve into Mr. Mime upon learning Mimic at level 25.
Tangela can evolve into Tangrowth upon learning Ancient Power at level 34.
Yanma can evolve into Yanmega upon learning Ancient Power at level 34.
Bonsly can evolve into Sudowoodo upon learning Mimic at level 29
Licktung can evolve into Lickylicky: upon learning Rollout at level 34
Piloswine can evolve into Mamoswine upon learning Ancient Power at level 34


Used Move-based Evolutions

Stantler can evolve into Wyrdeer after it has used Psyshield Bash in Agile Style 20 times.

Qwilfish can evolve into Overqwil after it has used Barb Barrage in Strong Style 20 times.

Basculin can evolve into Basculegion after it has used Double Edge and received 300 accumulated Recoil Damage without fainting.


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