Pokémon Cards

Any trading card can be a lucrative collector’s piece, and Pokémon cards are no different. With certain cards being valued very high, it can make collecting them an investment and a labor of love. But if your cards aren’t protected, then they can immediately lose any value they may have had.

The better condition you can keep your cards in, the more valuable your collection. Here are some tips to prevent damage when collecting your pokémon cards.

Pokémon Cards

1) Keep Special Packs Unopened

If you purchase a pack that has definite value in it, it can be a good idea to keep the pack as is, rather than opening and handling the cards. Some cards can begin to deteriorate due to handling, so if you have a pack that is for sure going to increase in value, or is incredibly rare and collectible, it can be a great idea to leave it in your collection as is, rather than open it to showcase the individual cards.


2) Handle Loose Pokémon Cards with Extreme Care

Ensuring that you are appropriately handling your trading cards can go a long way in protecting them from damage. Some people will choose to only handle their cards with clean hands, while others will wear gloves so body oils and fingerprints don’t transfer to the cards.

By maintaining that you handle your cards in a clean environment will go a long way in protecting them from damage. So definitely don’t handle your card’s vehicle eating a bag of Cheetos! Making sure your hands are clean, dry, and even covered by felt gloves can ensure your cards will remain in pristine condition for years to come.


3) Organize Loose Cards in Protective Sleeves and Binders

Organizing your cards based on their series, value or number can be a great way to showcase your collection and also keep the cards clean and undamaged for years to come. Protective card sleeves are an absolute must for any collection and you can conveniently buy them online, in standard sizes, or even customized to your purposes. Ensuring your cards are in protective sleeves will give them a layer to keep out dust and humidity, and organizing them in a binder will add structure to keep them from folding. 

Protective sleeves are beneficial in protecting your collection, they can be the number one way to ensure your cards will not be damaged.


Pokémon Cards

4) Location, Location, Location

Where you store your collection is just as important to protect it as how you handle them. There is no point in putting the effort into your collection if you will be storing your cards in an inappropriate location. 

Keeping your cards in a place that is free from dust, moisture and sunlight is incredibly important. So don’t keep them in a box on the floor of the garage! Keeping your collection raised, in a plastic container free from damaging elements and extreme temperatures is a must. Storing your cards in a well-protected area will keep them from air, sunlight, and heat damage.

On a raised shelf in a cool dry place, protected in an airtight plastic container is a great choice for your card collection. Don’t let your hard work go to waste by keeping them in a cardboard box in the garden shed. Ensuring you have a safe and secure location for your collection is imperative to maintaining it and saving it from damage.


5) Customized Boxes or Plastic Cases

For those extra valuable cards, you can choose to have custom-made airtight cases made for them. If you have an incredibly valuable card, it can be a good idea to keep it separate from the overall collection and place it in its custom sleeve or display case. Depending on your trading style, and what you are planning to do with your collection, if you have a very rare card, you may want to showcase it or keep it separate from the less highly valued cards. 

There are customized boxes and cases that can be made for single cards, that will provide them with the utmost protection available.

Depending on your collection’s level and how serious you are, there are many different ways that you can choose to protect your collections for years to come. If you are a trader who buys and sells, you will store your collection differently from collectors who have no intention of selling their cards. 

Pokémon Cards

The main thing to keep in mind when collecting cards is to keep them neat, tidy, and well protected. The most important thing is to keep them protected, no matter how you choose to do so!

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