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Want to know what all the unlockable cars are in Cruis’n Blast? Need some tips on how to rank 1st in any race. We hope that our collection of tips, tricks, and unlockables guide for Cruis’n Blast will be of help to you.


Cruis’n Blast Tips & Tricks

Improve Your Vehicle Stats – Every vehicle in the game has its base statistics like Speed, Acceleration, Boost, Weight, etc. You can improve the speed and acceleration stats of each vehicle by earning experience in tours, single races, and time trials to level them up. 

Save Boost For The Final Leg – It is all too easy to burn through the boost early on in races but try to save at least one or two boosts for the last leg. The lead cars always seem to get faster as you close in on the finish line so try to keep a spare tank or two so you can blow past them and take the lead. 

Countdown Boost – At the countdown of each race. Rather than rev your engines like all the other competitors, wait for the moment where the word SET disappears from the screen and just before the word GO appears. When done correctly, you will get a nice boost at the start of the race.

Drift Everywhere You Can – Any time there is a corner coming up or even on a wide straight, be sure to drift when possible. This temporarily increases your car’s speed and grants you a boost at the end of the drift. By mastering the drifting technique, you can overtake the competition without needing to use your stored boost.

Easy Way To Collect Keys – Each track in Cruis’n Blast has three keys hidden somewhere along them. Trying to find each key during Tour or Single Races can be a little chaotic with the other AI cars rushing past and pushing you out of the way. Time Trial is a great mode for key collecting as it is only your car out on the track. You have all the time you like to scout each track and find each key. Just note that there is no reverse so if you accidently pass by a key, you will have to restart the race again. On the plus side, if you collect a key, it is automatically saved so you don’t need to finish the race in order to keep it.

Get 100,000 Reward – Simply get Gold in every tour on Normal difficulty. You will unlock the Hard difficulty and receive 100,000 that you can spend on unlocking vehicles and upgrades.


Cruis’n Blast Unlockables

Cruis’n Blast has a total of 23 vehicles, of which only 5 of them are available at the start. In order to unlock vehicles, you need to collect keys and complete tours. However, even after you unlock each vehicle, you still need to purchase them with the exchange of cash or keys in order to use them. Below is a list of all unlockable cars in the game.

1959 Corvette
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
1963 Corvette Stingray
Police Cruiser
Rubino Bullet
Quad ATV 
Monster Truck
Stealth Chopper
Fire Truck
School Bus
Double Decker
Hammerhead Shark


As always, we hope you find this guide useful and if you have any tips or tricks of your own that you would like to share with us, please leave them in the comments.


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