Wondering about what kind of post-game content is in store upon beating No More Heroes 3? If you don’t mind some spoilers (don’t worry, we won’t have any story spoilers or boss battle spoilers here), we will tell you exactly what awaits you.

No More Heroes 3 has quite a lot to do and is longer than the other games in the series. While beating the game simply without undertaking too many side quests and Defense Missions, you can probably beat it in under 15 or so. 100% completion on the other hand, can add a good few more hours on top. For me for example, I have sunk in over 20 hours and still have a way to go in order to get the collectibles and 100% the game.

So what about Post-Game content? Well, upon beating the game, you will unlock three new outfits for Travis based on his style from previous games. This includes the NMH1 outfit, NMH2 outfit, and Travis Strikes Again outfit. These outfits also come with the option of with or without jacket. You can also wear any T-shirt in your wardrobe with them as well.

As well as these classic outfits, you also unlock New Game+ mode. This mode allows you to start the game from the beginning but you keep every single upgrade, Death Chip, Sushi, collectible, and record from your previous game. This also includes your UtopiCoins and WESN balance as well.

You will also unlock a new Carolina Reaper difficulty level (No more Ultra Spicy mode now). It is the ultimate challenge for hardened assassins that make enemies much tougher and your takeaway Sushi limit is reduced to one of each (as opposed to five in the Bitter difficulty).

That is pretty much it for No More Heroes 3 Post-game content. I hope you find this information useful and now that you know you can keep on playing to 100% the game, you won’t be too concerned with trying to find all the collectibles before beating the game. You can continue where you left off in New Game+ without having to start everything all again (with the exception of Boss Battles and designated matches).

Speaking of collectibles, we also have a guide on how to get the Capsule Toys collectibles in No More Heroes 3 if you are interested.

By Mike Scorpio

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