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Hey all! If you are playing Red Colony 2 by RunicCodes, then firstly, good on you. It is a really good game and I enjoyed it a lot. Secondly, you may have noticed that there are quite a number of passcodes required to access the next area, unlock a safe or a briefcase, etc. I have gone through the game a good number of times and rounded up all the Red Colony 2 Pass Codes I could find to help you on your journey so you can continue on your way if you get stuck. I also reached out to the developer of the game to confirm the codes in case there were any that I had missed.

I have also taken the liberty of sharing some of the game’s secrets including alternate endings and secret stashes. You can find them after the pass codes below. Please take note that there are potential spoilers on this page so please use this guide at your own discretion

Red Colony 2 Pass Codes

Border Station

2834 – Gate 2nd floor ( Code is indicated on 1st floor Lockers)
NECK – Suitcase (Code indicated on Alphabet wall)
PUNK – Suitcase In Abby’s apartment (Code is a tattoo on Abby’s boob)


Blue Field

1942 – Truck safe (The code is written on pieces on the ground)


Red District

4167 – Nicole’s Locker – Alma’s Shop Valve 1 (Nicoles Door number)
7429 – Albert’s Locker – Alma’s Shop Valve 2  (Albert, examine him when he crashes with Car)
3814 Jake’s Locker – Alma’s Shop Valve 3 (Jake’s wristgear, hanging in the clinic)
4386 – ????’s Locker – Alma’s Shop Valve 4 (Dr.J’s secret office in the Research Center, on a TV)



1694 – Vent Safe (Code is given when you answer the phone call)


Living District

5612 – Living District Safe (Code can be seen on Windmill in foreground)
3421 / 3rd, 4th, 2nd, 1st – CandleLight ornament (Pick up letter in Border Station, It has the code written inside)



1794 – Piano (Notes are written on the wall in the same room)
NIKU – Power Breaker (Frank tells you the code when you find him in one of the offices)



4172 – Raptor Cage Panel (Count the Red Capsules on the wall)
WHIM – Unlocks Secret Underground Room (Collect Sim and Phone and combine the two)



Red Colony 2 Secrets

Secret Underground Hideout 

As you reach the end of the game, If you head to the Red District Area where you met Big Daddy for the first time, you will find a ladder that leads underground. It will take you to Leon’s Secret Hideout where he has been surveilling Nicole since she began her mission into Red Colony. In here there are some items and a briefcase. The Code to the Briefcase can be found in Nicole’s Diary under Mission. The code is B.L.U.E.

X4 Bonus Batteries

You will probably not have come across these in your first playthrough and wouldn’t even know they were there as they are hidden behind boxes. In the Border Station where you find a baseball bat, if you keep walking to the right, there will be some boxes in the foreground. Press A around here and you can pick up 4 Batteries for Alma’s Valve Shop. This will allow you to gain access to the safe’s contents quicker (providing you have the codes for the locks as well (we have them in the Red Colony 2 Pass Codes section above). A map of where the Bonus Batteries can be found by going to the far right in the Bend Over NightClub (Lv.4 Access Required)


Alternate Endings

Red Colony 2 has two endings depending on where you go. If you decide to take the elevator in the Research Center down to the underground lab area and then keep going, you will get one ending.

For the other ending, if you investigate Chris’ body and find a note. You can then find a key attached to the note. To use the key, you must access your Wristgear, click on the lower-left icon with the keys and click on the note, it will reveal a small golden key that you can use on your Wristgear. You will then open up a secret compartment on the Wristgear, which will reveal a golden ticket. You can use this ticket to open the elevator to Sky City above Alma’s Shop and make your way to reveal the other ending.

Red Colony 2 Secrets



Special thanks to Adam and Rune for verifying the codes by providing me a list of all the codes and where they go to. I hope you enjoy your time in the Blue Colony and that the Red Colony 2 Pass Codes and Secrets will benefit you on your visit.

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