Want to make your GBG games really stand out? Here are some really good Game Builder Garage Tips from YouTuber Paul Lloyd

Game Builder Garage is really quite something. It provides players with the means to create their very own games within the software and share them with your friends online. The included interactive lessons help players get to grasps with the basics like moving your player characters and creating your own games from 2D platformers to a 3D adventure games.

There are some things that Game Builder Garage doesn’t quite explain like how to make a first-person camera angle and other cool game mechanics. Fortunately some talented players have been making their own video tutorials on these very game mechanics. One such person is Paul Lloyd.

Some of you may know Paul for his Super Mario Maker videos on YouTube. Well, he has been busy of late with a special series of tutorials for Game Builder Garage that shows viewers how to make a first or third-person camera view and how to make your own auto scroll.

Game Builder Garage Tips: First-Person Camera

Game Builder Garage Tips: Third Person Camera

Game Builder Garage Tips: Custom Auto Scroll

Game Builder Garage Tips: Custom Hit Box

Game Builder Garage Tips: Break Blocks From UNDERNEATH

Game Builder Garage Tips: Texture Nodon Explained

Game Builder Garage Tips: Life Counter PLUS Reset

Paul has some more Game Builder Garage Tips videos in the pipeline and will upload then when they are ready. As soon as they are, we will share them here for you all. Alternatively, be sure to subscribe to Paul Lloyd’s YouTube channel and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss a new video!

By Mike Scorpio

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