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It isn’t actually mentioned in-game but you can bring some extra amenities to the Dojo in the Isle of Armor Expansion Pass for Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield.

To add things like Vending Machines, a hairstylist, a Rotomi Terminal, etc., you must talk to Ms. Honey after completing the third trial. Ms. Honey will ask if you have any Watts to spare that she can use to spruce up the dojo. Depending on how many Watts you donate will unlock more and more amenities.

We have started listing some of the rewards below to give you an idea of what you will be spending your hard-earned Watts on. Please bear in mind that this guide is a work in progress and will be added to over time.

5,000 Watts – A hairstylist will open up shop in the Dojo.

10,000 Watts – A Rotomi Terminal will be installed in the Dojo.

20,000 Watts – The Rotomi Terminal will now actually function

30,000 Watts – A vending machine will be installed in the Dojo (Water)

40,000 Watts – Soda Pop will be added to vending machine

50,000 Watts – Lemonade will be added to vending machine

100,000 Watts – Fresh Ingredients can be bought in the Kitchen

200,000 Watts – Supplement vending machine installed (Protein & Iron)

300,000 Watts – Calcium & Zinc added to Supplement vending machine

400,000 Watts – More supplements added to the vending machine.

500,000 Watts – Obtain a Dojo League Card Background (Contributed by Alex)

800,000 Watts – Obtain Ms. Honey’s League Card (Contributed by Anonymous)

1,000,000 Watts – Fight against “Top Trainer” Ms. Honey (Contributed by Crakle26 & Anonymous)

3,800,000 Watts – Go on a walk with Ms. Honey (Contributed by M D)

*More rewards will be added over time.*

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  • The trainer you battle for 1,000,000 watts is Ms. Honey.

  • After the 1,000,000 W Honey battle, the next threshold is 3,280,000 W, which she describes as:

    “Well, there’s no much more that I can offer you…except maybe a bit of my time? We don’t get much time to really talk here at the dojo with so many students around. Would you like to go on a nice quiet walk, just you and me?”

    I haven’t gotten this threshold yet, so I have no details on what any of that means

  • 800000 watts is you get honey’s trainer card, and 1 million is you get to fight against a “top trainer,” although i havent done the battle yet so i dont know who

  • 800,000 is Honey’s League Card

  • 500,000 watts is a new dojo league card background

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